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Family psychology focuses on relationships in families, couples, groups, and organizations. Family psychologists coach, manage, study, and practice through discussion and treatment in a variety of settings

Some of the common disorders are mood disorders, eating disorders, ADHD, autism, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, sleeping disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, somatoform disorders and dissociative disorders.

Learning disabilities are basically neurologically based processing problems that
interfere with basic skills such as reading, writing, and computing (math).
A learning disability can’t be cured or fixed, it is a lifelong issue. With the
right support and intervention, however, children with learning disabilities can
succeed in school and go on to successful, often distinguished careers later in life

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Quisque nec molestie massa. Pellentesque ac tempus nisl. Morbi porttitor massa vitae odio rutrum.

A huge number of adults and teenagers all over the world are highly
addicted to gaming, gambling, mobile and alcohol. The greatest and most
important step in overcoming the addiction is accepting that you have a
problem. Seeking professional help and going through therapy can help you
overcome and cope with your addiction for a lifetime


We are interested and experienced in treating OCD. We offer family counselling,
cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, illness education
and self-help groups.
Many of the OCD patients who came to our clinic were chronic, with severe
impairment due to delayed and irregular treatment.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It is essential to seek help from a mental health professional with the right treatment and support. it is possible to manage and overcome these symptoms and reclaim your life.

We work with clients who are experiencing work-related problems such as
stress in the workplace, sexual harassment from colleagues, job and business
related issues, work-life balance, career growth and performance, time
management, fear of public speaking or meetings, conflict resolution.

It is tough to accept the sudden absence of an intimate partner . Some breakups can be tougher than the others and may involve long term traumas. Therapy will help you to enhance awareness for identification, healing and growth. It will facilitate ‘moving on’ in life and developing healthy future relationships.

Behavioral issues like school refusal, oppositional behavior, lying, stealing, disobedience, wrong group of friends, and gang activities are not socially or culturally accepted. Our aim is to help each parent understand their child better. Our behaviour therapy program includes specific strategies that parents and family members can adapt to bring meaningful change in a child’s behaviour.

We run treatment programs for individuals to tackle their fears and phobias in controlled and systematic ways.

We aim to create a space where we can quickly and effectively treat any specific phobia by developing a large set of resources. Through these resources, we can help individuals to reduce their anxiety and re-engage with life.

If you’re transgender, you may face gender dysphoria and discrimination, which can affect your mental wellness. Many trans individuals can experience anxiety, depression, sadness and isolation.

We work with you to get to the source of negative feelings and assist you in
progressing toward your affirmed gender identity.

If you are facing schizophrenia symptoms, meet with us. We are experts in
schizophrenia treatment, and we offer the best psychotherapy and provide
you with skills and knowledge to achieve the most advanced level of
functioning in your daily life. In a supportive environment with trust, we
will work as a team to develop a shared understanding of your difficulties
that affect your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, feelings, and daily functioning

● IQ test
● Learning disability assessment
● Personality tests
● Memory tests
● ADHD Assessment
● Social, Emotional & Behavioral Assessments

Nutrition counseling addresses both what we eat and also how we feel about food and our bodies.

Therapy, nutrition counseling and rehabilitation will together help you re-nourish
your mind and body to a place of optimal physiological functioning and cultivate a
healthier relationship with food.

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