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Our Paid Internships With PPRF Certification (Pethammal Psychotherapy Research Foundation)

For UG, PG, & Research Students

Are you eager to gain hands-on experience in research methodology and contribute to meaningful projects? Join our 3-Month Research Methodology Internship Program and take the first step towards a rewarding career in research.

Are you passionate about helping others navigate life’s challenges and looking to develop fundamental counseling skills? Join our comprehensive 6-Month Basic Counselling Skills and Training Program and embark on a fulfilling journey toward becoming a proficient counselor.

 Our 1-Year Internship Program offers you the opportunity to work on meaningful projects, develop essential skills, and grow as a professional within our dynamic organization.

Our Features

Discover - Develop - Deliver

Our training and academic modules are tailored to equip you with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, ensuring you are ready to make a meaningful impact in the realm of mental health.

Essential Mental Health Frameworks

Begin with the foundational principles of mental health, understanding the intricate balance between science, emotion, and care.

Self-awareness and Reflection Sessions

Recognizing that the best caregivers also care for themselves, these sessions focus on self-exploration, resilience building, and maintaining mental well-being.

Expert Talks

Benefit from sessions led by seasoned professionals, as they share invaluable experiences, pioneering research, and transformative insights from the mental health world.



We are committed to fostering the next generation of mental health professionals. Our internship program offers a unique blend of hands-on experience, academic learning, and professional mentorship designed to shape aspiring individuals into competent and compassionate practitioners.



Choosing an internship with MindCare Doctor goes beyond traditional learning. Here, we've cultivated an environment that champions both personal and professional growth, ensuring our interns gain the maximum from their tenure with us. Here's what you stand to benefit from our prestigious program



Our commitment to advancing the field of mental health extends to our carefully curated courses. Designed to offer both foundational knowledge and advanced insights, our courses equip learners with the tools they need to excel in the dynamic world of mental health care.

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